Sunday, November 16, 2008


Needs Improvement
Damn, my handwriting SUCKS lately. I had to write a note to Sam's teacher this morning and it was all I could do to get through the 3 sentences. I am sure it is the fault of the computer, but I do write at work frequently. However, lately I have had new nurse orients that do all the charting and such. I am out of practice. I am pissed because I used to like my handwriting and I am being a lazy slob and letting it go down hill. I swear, when I was writing that my hand turned into a claw. I need to work on that soon. Put my hand on writing physical therapy. However it has not progressed to the point that some of my co-irkers writing has. I swear that one of the nurse practitioners as the handwriting of a would-be serial killer.

Sammy stuff:

Sammy is in half day kindergarten and let me tell you, that is getting old really quickly for me and Adam. Plus, I think on some level he is manipulating us with even worse behavior in school. I think me might think that if he is bad enough, I will take him back out of school. He is certainly smart enough to reason that out, unfortunately. He had his first appointment with the physiologist on Thursday. He walked into the waiting area and starting talking to a young woman waiting there for a friend. He proudly announced: " Hi! My name is Sammy and I am VERY nervous in school and they are going to help me here"

Nothing like just getting right to it, huh? His session with the therapist went well. We both liked her and what a weight off my shoulders to have someone tell me they know were we should head and that she is going to make this better for Sam..or at least try. I walked out of there feeling so much better. Plus, she thought although Sam has many "eccentricities, he is really very charming" An excellent way to put it.

Christmas Projects:
I am deep into my Christmas insanity already. Projects fill my brain and my computer desktop. I actually feel pretty on top of my chaos this year, but it is early. I am sure I will be in full anxiety mood soon enough. My calendars are taking shape. My mom and aunt expect one every year and I am not one to disappoint. I am thinking and re-thinking my Christmas card. Which sucks. You make a few cool cards and then you feel the need to top yourself every year. Impossible, if you ask me. Stupid to feel stressed over a stupid thing like that...but I do. Trying to find my design idea for the year. Here are two of the past creations and you can see how my style changed a bit. Who know what this year will bring.
Christmas 2006 ( note that the cards from 2004 and 2005 are on the wall, framed)Graphics by the amazing Mo Jackson.

2007 Version with some graphic goodies from Mo Jackson as well.

I started off with an idea from last year, with all of us as ornaments and that was just so scary I can't begin to describe it. Maybe for a Halloween card. Doesn't help when I have heard about 10 times so far, "I can't wait to see your card this year. I wait for it every year" Flattering, true. Pressure, a little.

So top all my Photoshop projects with button trees I need to make and cookies I need to plan and my list of gifts to buy..quite the potential for me to freak out. But I am not yet. I am keeping it together for now.

So I am off to create some art, or what I do that passes as art really. So many things to write about really, but my mind is in too many places to pull it together for now. Soon. No promises, but soon.


Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see your christmas card this year, I look forward to it every year.


Whatever you come up with I know everyone will love it.

Don't stress. You are farther along then I am and I am not stressing...yet. LOL

Robin L said...

something for you on my blog dear!