Saturday, March 29, 2008

Under that sea dreaming

Sammy slept in fairly late this morning. He has been in a bad habit for a while now of sleeping on the couch. Even if he starts in his bed, he finds his way there in the middle of the night.

So there he is, sleeping well past 10 on a Saturday morning in the middle of the living room. I snuggle next to him and gently try to wake him up.

"Sammy angel, are you gonna sleep all day?"

without opening his eyes, he says " Mama Jelly Fish, is that you?"

"yes, baby jelly fish"

"my grandma is a jelly fish and my grandpa was a crab"

I just let him go back to "Sammy world" cuz that is some high quality dreaming he has got going on there. Who am I to stop that full-on psychedelic mental rambling? I got to get me some of that...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

1984. So not like the book said it would be.

I have a pretty downright hilarious post coming about my last night at work. I will warn you ahead of time, it will contain a GREAT deal of swearing, but in my opinion that makes it all the better. It was a night that needed to have some colorful language. So stay tuned my is in the works.

But right now, I am gonna answer a survey. I know, I know...but I actually like to read people's replies to surveys. But then I am a nut job. This one was posted my a friend of my kid's on myspace. But I will be damned if I am posting it over there as a "bulletin". Seems less-lame to post it here. If only a little.

Let's see how much you remember about 6th grade.

- Who was your best friend?
I had two: Sarah and Rosanne.

- What sport did you play?
hmmm, that would be exactly....NONE. You couple natural born klutz with a brittle bone disease, then you are just asking for trouble. Plus, truth be told. I am lazy and undisciplined. I was just telling Adam how I would be a terrible alcoholic or drug addict. I can't remember to do anything with any regularity. I would forget to take my drugs or drink. I don't even buy alcohol because I forget I have it. No discipline!!

- Did you buy your lunch?
We only had the option to buy pizza once a week. If my father remembered to give me money, then yes. You paid in the morning and you got a white chip for one slice and a blue chip for two. The school would then order a sheet pizza for the afternoon. This is the ONLY time I got pizza in my childhood. My kid are shocked to their VERY CORE to learn this. It is like it's own food group in our lives today.

Skip School?
On occasion. I was/am a bit of a drama queen. Shocking, I know. With my mom gone before I got up and my dad sleeping like the dead from working 3-11 and staying up past 3am was a very easy thing to do. I may have taken advantage. Every once in a while. maybe.

Did you get suspended/expelled?

Heck no. Our principal was the scariest 4 foot tall nun you ever saw. I saw her as an adult and I still get a little queasy. No way was I getting that woman mad at me.

- What was your favorite class?
Either English,Social Studies or Religion. I am a nerd. I can't pick.

What was your schools name?

St. Aloysius Gonzaga

Who did you sit at lunch with?
There was a girl's table and a boy's table. Pretty much sat with the same girls for nine years or so. Exciting, I know! ;-)

- Who was your science teacher?
Mr. Christoper. A strange little man but decent teacher.

- Who was your English teacher?

Mr Daly, also my homeroom teacher. Quite unbalanced but also a good teacher. Got me hooked on books from a very young age, so I owe him quite a lot. Even if he did not bathe regularly and would sweat like a whore in church all year. He really challenged us to read things on a high school level. In 6th grade...that is no small feat.

- Who was your Social Studies teacher?

Mr. Goodwin. Prolly my favorite teacher. Ever. And that would include my mom, who was my teacher in Nursing School ( look, I am just being honest here) He was a great person in general and a really fabulous teacher. Encouraging and inspiring.

- Who was your math teacher?

Miss Christopher ( cousin to my science teacher) Very good teacher and I don't hold it against her that I hate math. She tried. My brain just doesn't "do" numbers. I have number dyslexia.

Describe your outfits in the 6th grade.
Best for me to show you. This is a picture from 5th grade actually, but you get the point. Left to right is: me, Sarah, Jenny and Rosanne. However, in 6th grade we were able to remover the jumper top of the uniform, cuz ya know, we got boobs that year. Some of us got them in 5th grade ( lucky me)

Did you prank call?

I don't think so. That was more of an early high school thing for me. Real Mature, I know. sigh.

Who did you like?

There was only 11 boys in my class for all those years that they all took a turn (save one or three) in my love sick eyes at some point. This may have been Jon's year for the majority. I was fickle and the object of my affections changed frequently.

- Was it your favorite year of elementary school?

Nah, I think 7th or 8th topped it. Then it was all downhil. High school sucked balls. ( sorry, but again being truthful here)

Do you still hangout with the same people that you did?
Can you believe, yes? I still talk to several (at least 7) of them, not bad from a class of 20. Rosanne and I are still best friends. Two of my classmates even got married, having been together since 7th grade and working on baby #13. That is NOT a typo. 13. thirteen. And all of them awesome and adorable. Sick, right? ;-)

Did you go to your 6th grade dance?

We are talking poor catholic school here. No dances. We had to make our own mischief and did we ever!


How many kids were in your class?

21 at 8th grade graduation. Most of them I had known since kindergarten.

A look into me at age 11 or 12. Just a little de-stressing for tonight.

later gators!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holy Saturday, Batman! We were busy!

So my friend Mary has been hassling me that I never mention my husband on my blog. And looking back, yes, I have been remiss. I have a "hubs". His name is Adam. I even have pictures of him. See?

He puts up with my crap daily, thinks I am fantastic and beautiful ( his eyes are failing, true) and works harder than anyone I know ( except maybe my mother, but she is a MACHINE!)

So Mary, are you happy NOW?!?!? Sheesh.

Today was a busy one for us. We had birthday party for my two nephews, born on the same day..two years apart. My (step) mother-in-law happens to be in town from Florida because my sister-in-law had her baby on Monday. So we were also able to meet my new niece Madison and see Ma for the first time since Adam, Josh and I went to Florida last May. Adam's step brother and his family even came up for the week-end from Ohio to spend the holiday with us.
With all the grandkids together, it was a rare photo opportunity for Aunt Heidi. Those kids are totally used to my camera shoved in their face and they love me all the more or it. ;-)

Blows my mind that Sammy and Josh were actually smaller when they were born. Wouldn't a little baby make the perfect Christmas present? I should start hinting around now.

Sammy said "we don't have any sisters in this family. Or a dog" Good point there. hmmmm

The gaggle of Fraggles. OYE!

Big sister Emily and "her" new baby.

And how wrong is it that I kid is that much bigger than me?!?! Totally uncool, dude!

Sadly, we had to cut our partying short because we were needed at our church for the baptism of a family friend. Josh was asked to be a "shepherd" for our friend and my aunt was the god-mom. Also, our "family hippie" was the god-father. Yes, my family has a hippie. His name is Howard. He even shares my birthday. I think every family should have a hippie. Howard has been in my family before I was born. He was a friend of my aunt and we just kept him. He comes complete with hippie flashbacks and crazy anecdotes.

We stayed for a reception and then home to color eggs.

We are beat. Easter tomorrow. More pictures heading your way for sure!

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A trip to the "Easter Office" (lots of photos!!)

Easter is upon us and being (still sorta) Catholic and Polish, it is the most important time of year for us. Myself, I only happen to be 50% Polish and my kids only 25%, but since it is the biggest part of their heritage I feel it is important to keep them interested in the traditions. They adore it.

One such tradition is heading to the Broadway Market. It is an indoor market that has been opened since 1888. Meat stands, produce, flowers, bakeries, a little something for everyone. My kids look forward to heading there every year. It located in, shall we say, not the best part of the city, but it is great to get there at least once a year. I actually had occasion to head down there twice this year. I met my parents there with the boys and yesterday I took my friend Mary and her son Noah there for their first visit.

As we parked and headed for the escalator that would take us down into the market, Sammy was so excited and yelled "THIS EASTER OFFICE IS NOW OPEN!" Over and over he kept saying how much he loved it there.

Sammy and my dad ( Mr. OMG, himself...One Man Gang) holding a horseradish root.

Sammy picking out his Pussywillows.

My oldest dork, Zach and my brother Rogie ( and yes, Rogie needs to shave cuz he looks homeless. UGH!)

J-Bob acting so cool, but he was LOVING it.

Sammy LOVED the Easter Bunny. It was hard to tear him away.


Some Polish cooking delights, except no Golabki equals my mom's, so No Thanks!

OMG with Sammy and Josh

Zach, my mommy and Roge, my broham

Sammy picking out his painted egg this year with my mom.

That's right, baby!!

Josh's shirt says " Give me a Kiss!"

Babcia is grandma in Polish, pronounced "Bop-cha". My kids call my grandma babcia, although Sammy usually makes it ba-cha. Close enough.

Zach's shirt says "How are you?" or "What's going on"

On my 2nd outing to "da Broadway Market, der hey" it was just me, Mary, Josh and Noah, Mary's oldest. As it was Holy Thursday and closer to the holiday, it was MUCH more crowded but that is part of the fun.

The knuckleheads

Gotta have Pussywillows for Dingus Day. Buffalo has the proud distinction of the World's Largest Dingus Day celebration. Woman hit potential suitors with pussywillows and men squirt water guns back at the women. It is just a humorous holiday celebrated the day after Easter.

Yes! Chocolate covered Peeps! HELLO!!

MUST HAVE! A Malczewski's Butter Lamb. Nothing like it. It is a must on our Easter Table.

You know it! Although, in my life total I have been drunk like twice. So I guess I am not that loved. ;-)

So much to write about, I have a new niece, my step mother-in-law is here from Florida, my nephews birthdays are coming up, Josh competed in a problem solving tournament called Odyssey of the Mind, has been a busy few weeks. I hope to get on the ball after Easter and get blogging. Many pictures and such to share.

Happy Easter or Wesołych Świąt Wielkanocnych!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beaten down

So at first read it might look as though I am overjoyed to have the job I do. This is not true. I adore the people I work with everyday but in very many ways, my job sucks ass. Not all the time, mind you, but often and sometimes a VERY lot.

For example, you would think that there would come a point where I would have smelled EVERY smell possible in the universe because I have been doing this for quite some time. Not so. Almost every week or two I am shocked by a new olfactory assault. You would think there would be some finite co-mingling of proteins, and that I have smelled them all. But no. I am not ashamed to admit that often times I have had to bury my nose in a co-workers shirt to escape for several seconds. Dave never minds. ;-) And yes, my co-workers armpit in the middle of a 13 hour shift is like fresh mountain air, if that gives you any indication of the horror.

One winter I had a horrible sinusitis and after it resolved I found out that I had a case of anosmia or loss of my sense of smell. This lasted for almost 6 glorious months. Such a blessing at work! It was not until the summer, strangely driving into work, when I smelled the freshly cooked Cheerios from the General Mills factory that I knew my sense of smell had returned.

I will attempt to not be overly gory here, as this is not a blog specifically about my job and not only my fellow nurses read it. They understand. This is my job and I signed up for all the parts of it, no matter how distasteful. And the fact that I can talk about the worst parts of it and eat my dinner at the same time should tell you that I am broken. I can take it. Yes sir, may I please have another?

The last few days have been really crappy on my neck. I named my pain in my neck this week, she is "Mildred". She beat the crap out of me this week. Or I could have named it The Beast. The Beast has been with us for over a month and he is stronger than you can imagine for an octogenarian. All I can say, when helping to move him is "please, please stop fighting me. I don't wanna do this either, trust me, mister"

And the worst part? This week has found a few of us verbally abused, if you will, by patients' family members. Insane, irrational bullies. I abhor bullies. And I for one, do not give into their crap. In particular, one such bully was attempting to inch forward towards my friend, showing..I dunno...power? anger? I ended up stepping between the aggressor and my friend. I don't have problems with personal space. So go ahead, move closer buddy...we can dirty dance if you are not gonna bully this little 5' chica.

Every patient deserves the best care we can provide and just because you yell and scream and can use big words like "malpractice" should not get more of my time or think that rules and such do not apply to you. You are not more important than my patient who is poor, can't talk and has no family spitting in my face.

I am of course speaking of a specific situation that occurred this week, that I really can't go into details about, however I can say that some people are douche bags and need a kick in the ass. This week at work had me face two situations that got me quite upset and disgruntled. I guess I need to be "gruntled" again. I need some long days off to let it roll off of me and return me to my norm.

So that is one reason the writing has been lacking. I am mentally tired. I have several things to write about...and I will after I am rejuvenated and less grumpy with my noble career. Knowing me...that could be in an hour. We'll see.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day 3..Hitting the Bricks.

Well, Rohit was still barfy and had to teach a class, so Josh and I set out to explore the area around our hotel. Seeing as we were only 12 blocks or so from Times Square, we decided to head there and see where the day took us.

So, my kid is a freak. He LOVES shopping. In fact, most of his "must-do" list was all about the stores he wanted to visit. Toys-r-Us, the Disney Store, Dylan's Candy Bar, Borders. Nutty kid. So I dragged him down 8th, through the masses and we did a little sight seeing.

After shopping and lunch, we decided to head to the Empire State building. It was a cold but incredibly clear day and I am very grateful we did it that day, as fog and rain rolled in the rest of the trip. There was no line and we zipped through security for the two elevator ride to take us to the 86th floor observatory. And no, we do want to purchase a fold out map of the area, or an audio tour in 12 languages. PU-Lease. They kill me, $18 to ride an elevator is not enough to steal from gotta shove other stuff down my throat?? And then try to sell me another elevator ride to the 106th floor? I am surprised they didn't make up pay again to ride down. Don't get me wrong, it was incredible up there...but enough is enough. LORD!

Looking towards the Statue of Liberty

After all that walking, Josh and I headed back to our hotel to wait for Rohit. Originally the plan was to wait for him, order food in the hotel and just have a quiet night. As we were discussing where to order, Rohit asked if we wanted to head to Times Square and see what tickets were available at the half price ticket booth.

Me: is 7:15, dude.

Rohit: So what? It is a 5 min cab ride.

Umm, okay. So we head out and end up snagging 50% off tickets for Hairspray at 7:38 for an 8pm show. So we haul ass the six blocks to the theater, pretty much dragging an exhausted Josh. It was a very fun show and I am so glad I let go of my planing, list-making self and just winged it. We all loved the show. I am a huge fan of Darlene Love and her voice is still amazing. I am so glad I was able to see her in person. Of course, Rohit and I are dorks and we were all about checking out the sets.

We then headed for a Chinese dive by our hotel to snag dinner. The hand written signs in the joint cracked me up.

Good to know that they are a full-service joint. CPR available. Most Excellent!

And yes, thank you for tip, Mr. Cow!