Sunday, August 31, 2008

How the HELL can I send him to school?!?!

Honestly, Sammy makes me laugh about 20 times a day. He has unique terminology that he "can you turn up the car's weather?" if he requires more heat or a/c during a ride in the car. He is so very odd and so very funny. He has a vast and very scary knowledge of Star Wars. And I am pretty damn proud of that, thank you very much. He told me today that Darth Vader's wife was "pretty beautiful" for him, even though he was scary and that she was a good person. I swear ( and I MUST be wrong) he never even saw the newer Star Wars movies. But I do hafta agree, Natalie Portman is quite hot. He also asked me if Boba Fett and Gredo worked together, because they are both bounty hunters. I raised the kid right, what can I say.

So yesterday he was in one of those moods where he asks hundreds of questions. Everything from "how do they make Nutella?" (which is a complete, wonderful and individual food group here) to "What is your favorite Super Smash Brother's theme music" Random??...we got a whole mountain full of that here.

"Mommy, what does it feel like to be an angel?"

"Umm, Sammy how would I know, babe?"

"Well, you look like an angel. I thought you would know"

Please cue the tingly electricity from my toes to my scalp.


I am bet I would be an awesome home school teacher. hmmmmmmmm...

I know, I know...I am insane.

but heartbroken all the same. And pretty damn jealous that some kindergarten teacher will be getting that love and those hilarious questions from 8 am to 3 pm. I will not be enjoying this...not ONE BIT.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Two word: Kindergarten Orientation.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

blabbering, tweeting...whatever

So yes, I am some cruddy blogger,I know, I know. But I do hope to turn that around when the boys head back to school. This is a big life change for me as it marks the first time I have been home without a child to tend to and to daily. I would be kidding the world if I said I was happy about this. I am so very not. But, I have to look at it in a better way, I suppose. It will give me time do get some things done around here...writing, cleaning and working more hours at the hospital. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, life goes on, so the song goes.

I also added Twitter to my blog column on the side there on the right. Twitter is a type of "mirco" blogging, or really one long run-on sentence that I can update all the time. I can do from home or from my phone, ya know, when I am out living my ultra-exciting life...someday. Oh, how I count the days until then. sigh. I am ALMOST as bad a "Twitter-er" as I am a blogger. Some people "tweet", or Twitter entry, every couple of minutes and that is just abusing it, people. I mean who really wants to know when I am brushing my teeth and with what kinda toothpaste or that I am watching my 3rd straight hour of Degrassi on TV? Or that RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY MINUTE, my foot itches. Or that I would prolly "go gay" for Katie Holmes. All that goodness I will save for my blog posts. You lucky readers!

So the upshot is you can follow me here, on the side of my blog, or you can sign up at Twitter here:
My user name is heidiwolff
I know I am soooo original.

There is a pretty big group of nurses on there, for those of you who travel here when I do my occasional medical entry. Plus there are just all kinds of goodies over there. Personally I am stalking Joss Whedon and his projects on Twitter. ( Joss is the writer/creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer..and uber-sexy with a big brain and oodles of geekiness! RAWR!) I do reply to fellow "Tweets" and put in entry in every few hours ( when I remember) so you will all know when I am not sleeping (always) and doing something exciting ( never)

Get with the decade and "Twitter".

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Everyone has Priorities.

So today, while Josh and Sammy are lounging on my bed, as they are apt to do most summer mornings, Zach jumps in with them and begins to "wrestle" Josh. Since he is about 3 times bigger than Josh, it can quickly escalate into a real fight with all the yelling, fake (and real) injuries and crying of Smackdown!

As Zach has Josh in a full-on head lock, bouncing up and down in the bed, Sammy begins to yell at the top of his lungs..."GUYS STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!! THE REMOTE IS UNDER YOU!!!!"

Yes, the remote not your 70 lb brother's life, may hang in the balance.

I am going to show you a typical wrestling session, this one includes Josh, Zach and Zach's best friend Joe. Please note the position on Josh, who is 11. Yes, under two 16 year olds. I thank God for my patience and my medical skillz every day.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Warning: this might be long and contain cursing.

So I have been busy. When am I not? But last week it was one major thing that cause quite a lot of work and a bit of stress on the whole family.

A vacation camping. With pretty much all of Adam's family. 11 children in total. A week. Yup, a whole week.

Can I just say...what the hell is relaxing about camping? Good God. I have told my friends I don't know why it is not called "pack up your whole f-ing house and take it with you" I guess "camping" is shorter and sounds more alluring. I have yet to embrace the sexiness of camping. Maybe someday, like in 2025. And when I get my own personal slave to pack and un-pack for me. Maybe then.

And really, I got off pretty light. I went down to the cabins with Adam on Sunday, but came back home until Thursday morning. Not only did Zach have commitments here, but Sammy had an appointment to get his "real" cast. Being the Children's hospital here is VERY busy, they had only ONE appointment that week. So, I brought Zach and Sammy home for the beginning of the week and left Adam to enjoy a little peace with Josh in the Allegheny mountains. I am not sure he had much "peace" with my nephews and nieces around him, but he at least made the attempt.

And it happened to be a good thing that I was home. My sister-in-law called me on Wed. night to tell me the my 4 month-old niece had seen the cardiologist that morning and was admitted to the ICU at Children's and was going to have open heart surgery the next day. And all the rest of the family was camping almost 2 hours away. So, I gathered up her other daughter, my 6 yr old niece Emily, and took her with me to meet up with the family for the remainder of our vacation. I think it was great for Emily. She rode her bike with her cousins, went to the beach, ate all kinds of junk and enjoyed family time at the campfire. I am glad I was here and got to take her with us for the weekend.

Sleeping is always a problem for me, so I was quite nervous about being away from my bed and the comforts of home. And can I say, sleeping on an air mattress is horrible. I dreamed I was Huck Finn on the Mississippi all night long. I woke up and wanted to know where Injun Joe was taking me. Good God. It is a good thing I function on VERY little sleep.

Lack of running water was my biggest problem. I would have enjoyed it much for if that was not such an issue. I couldn't even get my mind around the difficulty of washing dishes in hot water...after boiling it on the stove. I left that crap to the men. Sammy refused to pee outside stating "Trees are not for peeing on and neither is grass" So when the bath-house closest to us was closed for a back-up (such a gross thought) it was quite the fun to haul my little red-casted baby along the road to the only other bathroom in our section of the mighty forest.

I really did have a nice time with the kids. The place is beautiful. But three days is fantastic, had I been asked to drag it out for a longer, I would have snapped. Enough smores and burgers. I want Thai food and running water.

I did get to take several ( over 400) pictures while I was there for my 3 day trip and I leave you with a montage of the best of them. I think the kids might still be blind from my flash around the fire. Oh well, it is the price for art.

And BTW, my baby niece did AWESOME with the surgery and was home in three days. Frickin' amazing!

I will be back with much more of my summer and craziness but I wanted to get a post out there, before y'all sent out a search party.