Saturday, January 3, 2009

What the Hell?

I had to get my butt in here and write something..anything, before y'all think I fell off the face of the earth! I looked back and I can't believe it has been so ling since I wrote anything. Christmas makes me insane and I am recovering still.
I wanted to post a video of my kids from Christmas. Sammy had just about had it when we got to my parents house for our 4th Christmas celebration. I can't blame the kid..I was spent too. I was attempting to get a picture of them in my mother's living room and was able to catch of bit of the REAL Sammy on film.


Jennifer said...

OMG, poor Sammy. Why haven't you ever taught him how to take a good picture??????

Ok, it must be said...Josh has got to be the best big brother any kid could ever have.

robin bird said...

good morning to you my friend. it has been a very long time, yes it has. i loved the video and although you make fun of sammy all the time you do make sure we see for ourselves how truly adorable he really is. and he is isn't he ? :)

how are you? oh that doesn't really work well here i guess..but i think about you very often and wonder how you are doing with being a mom with all the kids in school, and what you are doing to for fun and enjoyment. yes that is what i meant to say. you are supposed to figure out how to have fun in your own life now that you supposedly have more time. i realize it is only half day kindergarten...still...

so hello and here is a big smooch and hug sent to you in the chilly east country. i love you for always dear heidi.