Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts.

I suppose I have to start somewhere. Even if it sounds lame.

Hi, my name is Heidi. I am a blogger. Sort of. Not really. Only a little.

I am:
A mom of three boys (19, 15, 9)
an ICU nurse.
car dancer.
Photoshop user.
closet romantic.
closet poet.
smartphone obsessed.
fairly ridiculous.

Facts about myself?
1. Good God, I hate olives. Like really, really hate. I can't even handle the smell. I keep trying them every few years to see if my tastes change...they NEVER do.

2. I really don't enjoy Winnie the Pooh. Those books were dreadfully boring. The Disney versions weren't that much better.

3. The 'whites' of my eyes are blue due to a genetic bone disease I have called Osteogenesis imperfecta. Makes my bones more breakable than 'normal' people. Who really wants to be normal anyway? I break bones. I heal. I live.

4. I try to hide it, but I am a pretty much a book nerd. I read more than almost anyone I know. I converted to the Kindle recently. That only made it worse.

5. My family nickname is Ida. My great grandma couldn't say 'Heidi' and every time she tried, it came out sounding like 'Ida'. It's my mom's favorite way to get my attention...'IDA'!!

6. The only time I ever got into a car accident ( well, I backed into a parked car) the guy sent ME flowers. For being so honest and probably because when I found him to tell him, I was sobbing. He felt bad for me.

7. I hate whistling. It makes me sick to my stomach. BLECH.

8. I am addicted to Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry.

9. I take a photo...of something...anything...just about every single day. If I could be anything at all, it would be a photographer.

10. I have a weakness for violins in rock songs. That song could SUCK...throw in a violin and I am sold. I think it all goes back to my love of Buddy Holly. He was the innovator of orchestra music mixed with a little rock-n-roll.

11. Several of my best friends are ones I have known since kindergarten or thereabouts. I went to a really small Catholic school and graduated 8th grade with 21 in my class. Those people mean the world to me.

12. I have been in 38 of the 50 states. I LOVE New Mexico and Utah the most of the ones I have seen.

13. I remember almost ALL of the dialog I hear in movies and TV shows. It's freaky and I am sure if you are around me...it can be annoying. I try to reign it in.

14. I have a TERRIBLE potty mouth. The more I try to get a handle on it, it more I swear. It's a sickness.

15. I have worn hearing aids for almost 5 years now. My stupid bone disease ( see above) has effected the bones in my ears and made me lose a great deal of my hearing at a 'young' age. I am annoyed that I have to wear them but then also happy that there is something available to help me out and that I don't have a worse ailment. It rarely effects my day to day life. And when I do sleep...no noise wakes me up. You win some. You lose some.

Ok. Day one...done. Let's see how badly I mess this up and how many days I skip. Hey, maybe I will surprise myself! HA!


Jennifer said...

LOVE it. Maybe I will do this challenge with you.

Jude said...

good list. you know, i heart a good list ;)

lnowak said...

I love your list, I am with you on the olives. If they are in a recipe I omit them every time. I won't even put them out at a party :)