Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Everyone has Priorities.

So today, while Josh and Sammy are lounging on my bed, as they are apt to do most summer mornings, Zach jumps in with them and begins to "wrestle" Josh. Since he is about 3 times bigger than Josh, it can quickly escalate into a real fight with all the yelling, fake (and real) injuries and crying of Smackdown!

As Zach has Josh in a full-on head lock, bouncing up and down in the bed, Sammy begins to yell at the top of his lungs..."GUYS STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!! THE REMOTE IS UNDER YOU!!!!"

Yes, the remote not your 70 lb brother's life, may hang in the balance.

I am going to show you a typical wrestling session, this one includes Josh, Zach and Zach's best friend Joe. Please note the position on Josh, who is 11. Yes, under two 16 year olds. I thank God for my patience and my medical skillz every day.


Robin L said...

Man I miss my son! Maybe you can mail them to me in WI?

robin-bird said...

shit...this is what it is like to have male children in the house?? pray for me not to have a male grandchild please. i am much to wimpy for this kind of play. i wouldn't so much be worried about them hurting each other as i would be afraid of me getting an owie.
is that your voice??!?!?? cool to hear it girlie!