Tuesday, August 26, 2008

blabbering, tweeting...whatever

So yes, I am some cruddy blogger,I know, I know. But I do hope to turn that around when the boys head back to school. This is a big life change for me as it marks the first time I have been home without a child to tend to and ummm..talk to daily. I would be kidding the world if I said I was happy about this. I am so very not. But, I have to look at it in a better way, I suppose. It will give me time do get some things done around here...writing, cleaning and working more hours at the hospital. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, life goes on, so the song goes.

I also added Twitter to my blog column on the side there on the right. Twitter is a type of "mirco" blogging, or really one long run-on sentence that I can update all the time. I can do from home or from my phone, ya know, when I am out living my ultra-exciting life...someday. Oh, how I count the days until then. sigh. I am ALMOST as bad a "Twitter-er" as I am a blogger. Some people "tweet", or Twitter entry, every couple of minutes and that is just abusing it, people. I mean who really wants to know when I am brushing my teeth and with what kinda toothpaste or that I am watching my 3rd straight hour of Degrassi on TV? Or that RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY MINUTE, my foot itches. Or that I would prolly "go gay" for Katie Holmes. All that goodness I will save for my blog posts. You lucky readers!

So the upshot is you can follow me here, on the side of my blog, or you can sign up at Twitter here: www.Twitter.com
My user name is heidiwolff
I know I am soooo original.

There is a pretty big group of nurses on there, for those of you who travel here when I do my occasional medical entry. Plus there are just all kinds of goodies over there. Personally I am stalking Joss Whedon and his projects on Twitter. ( Joss is the writer/creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer..and uber-sexy with a big brain and oodles of geekiness! RAWR!) I do reply to fellow "Tweets" and put in entry in every few hours ( when I remember) so you will all know when I am not sleeping (always) and doing something exciting ( never)

Get with the decade and "Twitter".


Not Nurse Ratched said...

Welcome to Twitter :) Did you try to "friend" me on Facebook? I was overcome with a microstroke and clicked the "x" by mistake so if that was you try it again! There are a lot of Heidi Wolffs on there. (Who knew?)

Jennifer said...

Ok well I already stalk your blog all day long looking to see if you updated your blog, wishful thinking most times, and now to see if you updated your twitter column. I guess I can sign up and watch from there.

(I will never get anything done.)

robin-bird said...

oh i am a much worse twitter-er than i am bird tweeter. that is far easier for me than the micro blogging when i am not even sure if anyone reads it. see i am in love with the positive attention i get on my tweet so twittering just leaves me hangin' out in the wind not havin' a clue if anyone cares :( and that makes me sad :(

i will make a point of lookin' at you more often...it just doesn't have that conversational tone to it though.... i mean honestly can you say you have any idea what i last twittered about? no looking now! see what i mean?