Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More near accidents...

So last night I take my 80 yr old grandmother and her 85 yr old sister to the casino to meet up with my parents.

My parents, my great aunt and I ate dinner together ( my grandmother could not be bothered to take time away from gambling)

My octogenarian casino partners have a little habit of sneaking cookies out of the buffet and hiding them in their purse for later. Since babcia ( grandma) had not had dinner, she complained on the HOUR ride home she was hungry. Auntie dug through her purse and produced a napkin wrapped cookie for her.

Grandma: No, Helen. It is too dry. I can't eat that. I need milk or something.

Aunt Helen: Well, I am sorry Emma, my boobs are all flat, I guess I am out.

car swerves.

my god

Later that trip:

Aunt Helen : Hey! Is that rain on the windshield, Heidi??

Grandma: well, it is not piss, Helen.

Yup, I am in the right family. Oh yeah.


Robin L said...

HAHA Your family is such a hoot! Im so glad I dont drie them round lol

Jennifer said...

LOL Heidi, that was hilarious.

Erin said...

Lol. "well, it is not piss, Helen." Classic.

robin bird said...

whoa! make sure every one of those old ladies is wearing their seat belts what with your sensitive ears and all.! i do see what you mean about being in the proper family that is well suited for you and your boys ;)