Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blog Tagged...whatever the heck that means.

My friend Jen, who lives in Tennessee "blog tagged" me. She is lucky at this moment that she lives a good 10 hr car ride away and that gas is so expensive, or I would be down there strangling her. I mean the nerve of "forcing me to blog". The witch. I guess I hafta beat her when I go down to visit her in October. Anyway, from what I gather, I have to answer a survey, like the one she did to move on with my life. A blog type chain letter, if you will.

Here goes:

Where I was 10 years ago:
Hmmm, I had a 6 yr old and an almost 2 year old. We were getting ready to head to Disney World in the beginning of Aug. I had also just found out the my floor at the hospital had closed and started in the ICU where I am now. Was working full time nights and cried just about every day on the way home from work because I thought I was the worst nurse in the world, or quite possibly retarded. I thought I would NEVER be able to function there as an ICU nurse. Somedays I still feel like that..truth be told. But I sucked it up and stuck with it and now I am friggin' brilliant. Ohhhh yeah. Not so much.

5 things on my to do list today:
1. get Jen's shit together to send her, FINALLY.
2. make a list and grocery shop at Wegman's ( you KNOW you are jealous, Jen!).
3. order dehumidifier inserts for my hearing aid cleaner ( OH! How exciting my life is! Waahooo!)
4. call my nurse manager and tell her what days I can work next schedule.
5. retrieve my children from my 'rents house at some point tomorrow.

Snack food I like
: I go through phases. Right now, edamame, almonds, my homemade guacamole with Lime tortilla chips, cucumbers with salt, and some m&ms never hurt anyone.

If I were a billionaire I would
: Pay off everyone's blah, blah, blah after they kissed my feet and called me beautiful ( just kidding about the feet part), let my kids and my cousins see the world, including( but not excluding other trips) Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and Japan. Buy one KICK ASS villa in Disney World, have my brother kidnapped and FORCED to get well. Visit Marty and Alex and tour Europe with them for a few months. Granted one wish for every person who works on my floor and each of my friends, because they mean the world to me.

Places I have live
d: Holy crap, I am boring. I have lived in 4 houses my whole life..all within 25 miles of each other. Cheektowaga, NY ( x2) Elma, NY and West Seneca, NY. And ya know what? I LOVE it. I can travel and come home. Most of my family is here. My history is here. My heart is here. And I couldn't care less if that is seen as "boring". It is me.

Who I tag?? Good golly, I don't know.If you wanna follow my lead..then link me up or mail me and I will post it, if you don't blog. Jump in here people! I am drowning with lackage of blog traffic! ;-) Help a sister out!


Jennifer said...

Heehee, I like to make sure that my friends are tortured right along with me!

Jennifer said...

Oh, and yes, I am jealous. VERY jealous.

robin-bird said... really could use a little more traffic here... you need to get the word out there. call all your distant relatives and hold high school friends. ask 'em to do you a favor. sheesh come on people who are would be friends of heidi...cough up the comments.

i'm kinda glad i am all alone here in your comment area cause the truth is i don't like memes, tags or even nice awards. it's just too much pressured on an already pressured mind.

i have live no more than 5 or 6 places either. i don't think you're boring at all :)

robin-bird said...

OMG! i must have mispelled 25 words in that last comment...and already one int his short sentence :(