Friday, July 4, 2008

I have has been many days since my last post!

Holy slackage, Blogman! It has been waaaay too long since I got my butt in here and wrote something. That is not to say my life has been boring...not for a minute. I guess I just needed to pick something to write about. Reign in my adult ADD. And also It would be great to write something and not be asked to read a story, tie a shoe, pay a bill or cure the plague when I am right in the middle of a thought.

Let's see, in the last week I have been trapped in an elevator, worked many days, taken the three boys on a road trip to Ohio (over 500 miles round trip) to see family, dealt with some stressful family issues, been blog tagged ( I am getting to it Jen...I am), had a stroke at the gas pump, made several meals including our new addiction fresh guacamole, worked on hundreds of pictures and a church project in Photoshop, met up with an old friend and his wife, drank my weight in diet cherry Pepsi and I am sure many, many other things. See? I was busy.

Let's focus.

Well, let's talk about the road trip. My 91 year old great-grandmother is alive and well in rural Ohio with her husband, George. My father makes it a point to try to get there every year or more. This trip I joined him with the boys and my aunt and my mom. Sounds like quite the adventure, huh?? Then you don't know my family.

Actually it was fine, our visit was great with Nana and George. They are amazing. I should be so lucky to be active and mobile as they are now. It is just the road tripping that I am not fond of, especially when you are following my parents ( or really, my dad as navigator) and they wanna drive through all the towns of rural Ohio to get us to a main highway, turning a 3 and half hour drive into 5. GOOD GRAVY, I was going insane. And it is all my fault. I had my own concise directions, but NO...I had to follow. I was never so happy to see an entrance to the Thru-way. GOD BLESS the 90! Zach and I agree, next time we go OUR way. He is the Kermit to my Studebaker driving Fozzie Bear. Movin' right along...

The kids are great travelers, except Sammy was not really getting the hotel concept. He just wanted to go home and sleep there. Here is a tally of the trip:

Times Sammy asked to go HOME: about 500

Wrong turns that needed to be corrected: 5

Trips to Target cuz I forgot shirts for Josh: 1

Amish buggies we passed: 3

songs that my kids and I belted out together in the car: almost 1000

Of those, songs that were Fresh Prince songs: at least 6 (and I am not ashamed to admit it!)

People Sammy climbed over in the spa, no regard for personal space: 3

So the kids got to swim in the hotel pool, visit the great-great grandparents, see an Amish hardware store, visit the Smuckers outlet, eat all manner of junk including Chick-Fil-A for the first time, and sit in a car for 9 hours or so. Good times!

But, you want photo proof?
You got it!

Amish Sammy.

Nana with the Great- Great Grandsons

My 'rents with Nana and George

Me and my daddy.

Cutest Damn Fish you ever saw!

Need a cookie cutter? I know just the place!

And Axes?? Holy Moley!

What can I say?

Need more cowbells???


Whew, so much more to write, but I hafta get myself beautiful for the 4th at our friend's house. hmmm, beautiful might push it. I just wanna not scare their kids. I don't have time for beautiful! ;-)


Jennifer said...

I love your stories!!!!

robin-bird said...

goodness gracious that is a passel of cowbells... amish sammy is cuter than a bug, nana looks to be younger than have dimples, which i knew but didn't know...if you know what i mean. are a story teller extraordinaire! and i imagine at least half of it is true too!