Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So far behind I can see my own ass...

Really, I just need to give it over now. Submit. I am a bad blogger. I have so many posts in the works, and can I FINISH ONE?? Nope. There is something that makes me nuts about clicking "new post" . I never said I was right in the head, people.

Anyway, I have so many thing to share and they are coming, just like Christmas. For right now I just have to share my favorite picture of the weekend. I take a huge number of photos and sometimes I get a great one. This one was taken at the Taste of Buffalo event downtown this weekend.

Tell me how I can not love this kid? Makes me happy and girly. Such a good big brother!

Dragging my butt to work in at 6 am. Damn sick people! They are so needy.



Jennifer said...

He IS a great big brother!

Robin L said...

aw how sweet!

robin-bird said...

you aren't a bad blogger...no, no, no! just a good nurse and great mother. i can so relate to having more ideas that ability to follow through on them. just post when you can and know you have your fans...(me for one:) who will be here when you have something to say.