Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day 3..Hitting the Bricks.

Well, Rohit was still barfy and had to teach a class, so Josh and I set out to explore the area around our hotel. Seeing as we were only 12 blocks or so from Times Square, we decided to head there and see where the day took us.

So, my kid is a freak. He LOVES shopping. In fact, most of his "must-do" list was all about the stores he wanted to visit. Toys-r-Us, the Disney Store, Dylan's Candy Bar, Borders. Nutty kid. So I dragged him down 8th, through the masses and we did a little sight seeing.

After shopping and lunch, we decided to head to the Empire State building. It was a cold but incredibly clear day and I am very grateful we did it that day, as fog and rain rolled in the rest of the trip. There was no line and we zipped through security for the two elevator ride to take us to the 86th floor observatory. And no, we do want to purchase a fold out map of the area, or an audio tour in 12 languages. PU-Lease. They kill me, $18 to ride an elevator is not enough to steal from gotta shove other stuff down my throat?? And then try to sell me another elevator ride to the 106th floor? I am surprised they didn't make up pay again to ride down. Don't get me wrong, it was incredible up there...but enough is enough. LORD!

Looking towards the Statue of Liberty

After all that walking, Josh and I headed back to our hotel to wait for Rohit. Originally the plan was to wait for him, order food in the hotel and just have a quiet night. As we were discussing where to order, Rohit asked if we wanted to head to Times Square and see what tickets were available at the half price ticket booth.

Me: is 7:15, dude.

Rohit: So what? It is a 5 min cab ride.

Umm, okay. So we head out and end up snagging 50% off tickets for Hairspray at 7:38 for an 8pm show. So we haul ass the six blocks to the theater, pretty much dragging an exhausted Josh. It was a very fun show and I am so glad I let go of my planing, list-making self and just winged it. We all loved the show. I am a huge fan of Darlene Love and her voice is still amazing. I am so glad I was able to see her in person. Of course, Rohit and I are dorks and we were all about checking out the sets.

We then headed for a Chinese dive by our hotel to snag dinner. The hand written signs in the joint cracked me up.

Good to know that they are a full-service joint. CPR available. Most Excellent!

And yes, thank you for tip, Mr. Cow!


Jennifer said...

Wow, your statue of liberty pictures are amazing Heidi!

robinbird said...

so are the looking down on the city ones!!

thank you for coming to see me at tweets.. i feel fulfilled not :)

Rosa said...

Ooooh, what fun! He will remember this trip for the rest of his life. How wonderful! hehe, I think I want to eat at that restaurant--just in case, ya know?

robinbird said...

ok IT'S time to come over and visit me. the pie video is up and dying to be watched :)
P.S. and it is time for you to do a new entry on your blog.