Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holy Saturday, Batman! We were busy!

So my friend Mary has been hassling me that I never mention my husband on my blog. And looking back, yes, I have been remiss. I have a "hubs". His name is Adam. I even have pictures of him. See?

He puts up with my crap daily, thinks I am fantastic and beautiful ( his eyes are failing, true) and works harder than anyone I know ( except maybe my mother, but she is a MACHINE!)

So Mary, are you happy NOW?!?!? Sheesh.

Today was a busy one for us. We had birthday party for my two nephews, born on the same day..two years apart. My (step) mother-in-law happens to be in town from Florida because my sister-in-law had her baby on Monday. So we were also able to meet my new niece Madison and see Ma for the first time since Adam, Josh and I went to Florida last May. Adam's step brother and his family even came up for the week-end from Ohio to spend the holiday with us.
With all the grandkids together, it was a rare photo opportunity for Aunt Heidi. Those kids are totally used to my camera shoved in their face and they love me all the more or it. ;-)

Blows my mind that Sammy and Josh were actually smaller when they were born. Wouldn't a little baby make the perfect Christmas present? I should start hinting around now.

Sammy said "we don't have any sisters in this family. Or a dog" Good point there. hmmmm

The gaggle of Fraggles. OYE!

Big sister Emily and "her" new baby.

And how wrong is it that I kid is that much bigger than me?!?! Totally uncool, dude!

Sadly, we had to cut our partying short because we were needed at our church for the baptism of a family friend. Josh was asked to be a "shepherd" for our friend and my aunt was the god-mom. Also, our "family hippie" was the god-father. Yes, my family has a hippie. His name is Howard. He even shares my birthday. I think every family should have a hippie. Howard has been in my family before I was born. He was a friend of my aunt and we just kept him. He comes complete with hippie flashbacks and crazy anecdotes.

We stayed for a reception and then home to color eggs.

We are beat. Easter tomorrow. More pictures heading your way for sure!

Happy Easter!


robin bird said...

first off i love your aunt's glasses with all that glitz! and that photo of you holding the bitty bitty bay is exceptionally cute :) oh and hallo heidi's husband!

Robin L said...

I always get a giggle when I read your blog! I dont have a hippie but I do have a gay guy : ) I call him Will and he calls me Gracie. What a beautiful family you have and a smart hubby too, Im trying to give mine away. Great deal too if you know anyone who might want him.