Saturday, March 29, 2008

Under that sea dreaming

Sammy slept in fairly late this morning. He has been in a bad habit for a while now of sleeping on the couch. Even if he starts in his bed, he finds his way there in the middle of the night.

So there he is, sleeping well past 10 on a Saturday morning in the middle of the living room. I snuggle next to him and gently try to wake him up.

"Sammy angel, are you gonna sleep all day?"

without opening his eyes, he says " Mama Jelly Fish, is that you?"

"yes, baby jelly fish"

"my grandma is a jelly fish and my grandpa was a crab"

I just let him go back to "Sammy world" cuz that is some high quality dreaming he has got going on there. Who am I to stop that full-on psychedelic mental rambling? I got to get me some of that...


Jennifer said...

LOL, yea, can you buy some of that?

Robin L said...

lol Id have to let that dream continue too.

robin bird said...

that is a sweet image. snuggling up and then being the momma who lets him stay in his world of water.

Gail said...

Too cute Mama Jelly!!!

Rosa said...

That is absolutely precious. I would have let him go back to the sea also.