Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cue the choir of Angels.

I have a new obsession:

Philosophy's shampoo and body wash. This set includes Belgian Waffle, Blackberry sauce, and Frosted Cream.

Typically, I do not enjoy smelling like food but something about these scents are so marvelous that I forget that previous hang-up. The boys love them...a bit too much. I might hide them in my room.

My new thing is to wash Sammy in them and go around all day smelling his head. I might make that my new diet...slather Sammy in good smelling stuff and keep him close. Half of taste and eating is smell....so I think it will work out fabulously!

Where is that kid?? I need a waffle fix!!!


Jennifer said...

LMAO...sounds like a good diet to me!

robin bird said...

i been watching for you to post something for us in your own classy style and you never disappoint! a waffle fix i ask you?