Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just a little art for today

A few weeks ago my best friend Rosanne called me out of the blue and said that since it was the last day of good weather for a while, we should get the kids out to the park and enjoy it. And gladly we did, the next day it dropped to the 40's. This May has been sucky.

The day was windy but sunny and Sammy and my "niece" Julia had a fabulous time. The park near our house is quite amazing, complete with a creek perfect for duck feeding (sadly none that day, even though Aunt Heidi had bread stashed in her purse), rock throwing and tadpole watching. Julia kept saying "Mama, I threw that rock in the POOL!" Yup, the is one cool "pool", peanut.

We did have a great time and Sammy kept telling me how very much he loved Julia's "beautiful yellow hair"

Just some art to celebrate the day. I am in a bit of a funk and I need some art making to make me feel better.

PSD template (loosely used) by Kim Hill and all doo dads to make the pictures more beautiful are by Mo Jackson, digital Goddess extraordinaire! Her art makes me all giggly inside. For those of you not into digital art, 100% of that layout is digital, fake, artificial, manufactured. Pretty frickin' cool, huh?? Photoshop makes me smile.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful layout Heidi. Soon enough I will get myself into digital, I think that is why I am putting all my 2008 pictures into a folder on my hard subconscious wants me to do digital!

robin bird said...

awww...feeling a little blue? well dang girl the sun needs to shine for you a little bit more! this is a wonderful page of captured moments heidi. and i love that you could include more of your thoughts on your blog about the day. sammy saying her hair is so pretty.... isn't that just the nicest thing to say? i a blue day is always a little hard on me because i get afraid it might not pass... i hope yours does very soon :)

Zan said...

digital is so nice that way isn't it...and addicting!!!Hope your Days turn sunny soon.