Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting this mother started!

I guess the hardest thing is to just start this thing. I think that is one reason I didn't just dive in and sign up for a blog in the first place. There is all this pressure of what to write for your first entry and all that crap. Who needs that stress?

But seriously, my good friend Jen just might get on a plane and come here and kick my ass, if I don't at least get something up. No doubt she will police it and really beat me, if I don't keep it up.

I told her nothing happens to me. She told me she would believe that, if she didn't know me. Okay, I guess weird stuff happens to me or around me. I am either a magnet or I think that weird and crazy stuff might be happening to everyone, they just don't see it like I do or they are oblivious.

I am quite sure I will not blog everyday.I will try to keep it interesting, full of the weirdness or funniness I see around me. There is endless fodder, trust me.

to begin:

One thing my oldest son Zach(16) and I are getting into is this Korean soap opera called "Thank You" I can't tell you why, but we get an Asian television network here and we love watching all manner of things on it. Now soap operas are not for me in general. I don't watch them, with the exception of those hilarious Indian ones ( from India) those have ghosts and all kinds of craziness and Mexican soap opera that are just down right full of sex and insanity. Who doesn't love a little sex and insanity? Personally, I can use lots of both! ;-)

Anyway, we came into the show late. We have been mind boggled in trying to figure it out. I have taken to DVR'ing it so we can watch it together and maybe makes sense of the whole thing. If we don't, even better. It is about a woman and her daughter, who I think have HIV. The woman is with a man, who used to be a doctor. They are a couple, but not a couple. I just don't know. Last time he said " You are not attracted to me are you? I am not attracted to you either" and then he grabbed her and hugged her. Zach and I can only watch and shake our heads. Then there was some whole lesson to the little girl about not being stupid and she can't pass HIV from hugging or holding hands. This lesson was imparted to her by a man who kidnapped her, but I think he is her biological father. We are enjoying putting the story together, and I caught myself "googling" it too...LORD!

Anyway, that is my current obsession. A strange one, I will give you, but that it me. Quirky stuff, I love. Sadly, I am dragging my kid into my world. Good thing he is just like me!

Linky to the show:


Jennifer said...

YEA!!!!! And see, I am already laughing. You are a great writer, you are meant to have a blog chica!

robinbird said...

hmmm sex and insanity... that is an interesting combination. now as you know my blog is all about birds, wings and ME! i love your story telling. i couldn't handle the pressure. it comes so much easier to post a photo and 'decorate' the whole blog with doo dads :)