Friday, January 25, 2008

Sammy needs a passport.

Last night Sammy told me he wants to go to Indonesia to see a Komodo Dragon. Now, he is five and I am just shocked that he even knows that there is a place called Indonesia. I know that he can't find it on a map or anything,but it impressed me nonetheless. I am quite sure I didn't know that country existed until I was in my teens or early 20s.

I told Sammy in the spring we would take a trip to the Toronto zoo to see these vile, huge lizards.

He just looked at me. "Mom, Toronto? a zoo? I think you are just being lazy"


Rosa said...

Kids crack me up! The world sure has become a smaller place in their lifetime. I'm sure he'll like the dragon regardless of where he sees it. Thanks for the visit!

Jennifer said...

LOL I want to meet that boy someday!

dadto5 said...

Oh man,
Do you deserve him or what after being such a smart butt yourself.

Michelle (Michellesmyname) said...

Gosh a quick trip to Indonesia really that much to ask?!?!? Just a quick one?? LOL! I love how little ones think. I'm impressed that a five year old can say "Indonesia", much less know that it's a country that one can visit. Sheeesh!

robinbird said...

i'm really impressed you can spell Indonesia!! wow that is one precocious child and does he ever have your number eh?!