Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One of these days, doors will open

I am going to teach my mother about the wonders of technology. One day, she will will understand what "call waiting" is really about. Every time I talk to my mom on the phone and another call beeps through she abruptly spurts out..."that is call waiting I have to go. Maybe I will call you back"

Ummm...mom, you can put me on hold and see who it is then you can come back to me. Usually she calls me right back because it was some telemarketer or some one she didn't want to talk to. However, this is a woman who hates to use "cruise control" and only within the last few years uses the ATM. Baby steps with her. She has said every year for the past five or so that she will have me "teach her the internet" I don't think I have enough strength in my body for such things.


Jennifer said...

Aw Fran. :)

robinbird said...

sweet and funny... love the dialogue!