Sunday, January 27, 2008

Torture with cuddling.

So my son Josh, who is 11, and I are suppose to be doing a little bonding, "date night" this week. Of course his choice is an action movie, loads of popcorn and candy. So tonight I look at the show times and decide we can make the 7:15 show. But I am not feeling entirely like heading out on this cold night. I tend to be a winter hermit. Living in Buffalo...that is a LONG time to be indoors.I am a delicate peach. I like the indoors. And if I had to go out and brush off my car of would be all over, even before it began.

Anyway, in an attempt to put off the trip I asked Josh if he would like my father to join us and then we would go out tomorrow. He winced and told me the he "kinda" wanted it to be just me and him. He is one to want quite a bit of alone time with me(don't they all!). I took him on a solo trip to Disney World in May and I am taking him to see New York City for the first time in February.

"Oh good! I am so glad you said that, Josh! We can snuggle and cuddle during the whole movie" and to demonstrate my point I gave him several sloppy kisses and threw him onto my bed.

"uhhhh, maybe we should wait to take Gramps then" as he tried ( unsuccessfully to wriggle away from me)

"I know, I wouldn't wanna kill you with all the cuddling"

"man, that would suck! I think that would be the worst way to die!"

Yes, worse than being set on fire or drowning. Indeed.

So, with my promise to behave and not molest him with my mom-like ways, we headed out to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets. I could see that look that told me he really wanted to go tonight. Pin me down, so I couldn't postpone our night out.

I gotta say, the movie was pretty interesting. Enough like the first one but different twists and an interesting plot. And BONUS: I got to drool over my man, Ed Harris for 2 hours. Always my time well spent. For me that is one old dude...but umm....I am sure I could make him feel young again. *wink* I know Adam is LOVING reading that part. He loves to remind me when my man Ed plays a "bad guy" I guess it makes him feel better. Whatever. I love the man within, not the character. So there, Adam. And I don't care that he was a Nazi in Enemy at the Gates!


Jennifer said...

What's with you and the name Ed? LOL

Michelle (aka Michellesmyname) said...

Awwww, what a great photo of the two of you! Kids need to have that special mommy time. Alyssa and I have "Mommy and daughter" days all the time.

The man of the hour for me is Andy Garcia. Ahhh to have a couple of hours to gawk at that man! :-)

BTW, I'm a winter hermit too...I don't love the cold...and the cold here is nothing compared to what you get!

robinbird said...

i got distracted while over here at your blog earlier today... i had to go look up ed harris because even though i knew who he was (i am that old) i couldn't remember what movies he was in... by the time i go done looking at all those hot photos it was past time for me to leave for work!! so i had to save my comments until later... you do tell funny stories my dear. love the things your children say and it is even better to hear all the 'private' thoughts you have in response :) you are a good, good mom for having special time ... it is sooo important :) give yourself a nice warm hug since we are not all there to do it for you XOX