Friday, February 1, 2008

A girl named Garden.

So in the dreary and dismal land of winter I knew my youngest child need to be out of the house more then I am allowing him. I freely admit I am a winter hermit, staying indoors as much as possible until it is at least 60 degrees outside, but I don't mean to force my children to the same fate. I have noticed that the times I do take him out of the house he blinks at the sun like a naked mole rat. Being that we are of Eastern European decent his skin is pasty to begin with, so it looks like I am forcing that "poor little albino boy" on a road trip.

I have also noted that Sammy is getting weird about being out of the house for longer than 15 mins. Last week at the grocery store he kept asking to go home. "we have been out long enough. My house is so nice.We need to go back to my home" I am very happy he is comfortable and content at home, but I don't want him to go all "weird shut in" on me.

So, I arranged a movie date with one of my best friends, Mary and her 4 year-old daughter Eden. It was a good excuse for us to get out and good for the kids too. They played very well together. Sammy is in NO way shy and as soon as Eden warmed up to him, they were fast friends. Sammy even tried on her high heel dress up shoes and was quite stylish.

So yes, even though it was from the house to a dark movie theater, we still got out. I would like to tell you that we saw a wonderful movie, but alas, it was Alvin and the Chipmunks. Jason Lee and David Cross should be ashamed of themselves. I enjoy both of these actors but this movie was quite LAME. The kids seemed to enjoy it well enough and we did see some decent previews. Those are what the movies are all about after all. And Mary and I ( as always) had a good time together.

All the way home Sammy told me "what a very nice girl with very good manners" his new playmate was. " I had so much fun with that girl"

"But Sammy, what is that little girl's name?"

" is a beautiful name, mom. Her name is Garden."

"Close baby, her name is Eden"

" Well, I knew it was beautiful, didn't I?"

Yes, yes you did, baby. Maybe some of that Sunday school is paying off. Let's hope. I hear exorcisms are expensive.


Rosa said...

Awww, a match made in Heaven, or perhaps Eden? They are soooo cute. Gee whiz, who does like to go out in the winter months?? Plus, once you all make it to Indonesia chasing those big ol' dragons, who'll want to go in? Hang in there, spring HAS to be just around the corner, doesn't it? PS Please don't feel the need to leave a comment each time you pass through. I understand completely. Sometimes you just want to read and not have to think of what to say! Comments on my blog are NOT mandatory, by any means!! xoxo

dadto5 said...

What the heck are they holding hands? Oh, that's bad.....bad....bad

robinbird said...

you have built in comic relief with your kids. i like it when you let sammy teach us new concepts :)

robinbird said...

ohhhhhhh.... :) :) i really love your new banner heidi!! so cool! you have been doin' such a grand job on your blog :)

Jennifer said...

Love the new banner Heidi!!!! OH. My. Eden is adorable. Of course, so is Sammy, but I have never seen Eden. What a cutie.