Monday, February 4, 2008

Mish, Mosh.

Catching up is hard to do. I never quite get there. Such is life of an eternal procrastinator. Then you throw work in there...the night shift no less and you get a weird amount of sleep ( read: NONE) and another day of "stuff" to do.

Ah, please note my new blog header, if you would. All digital "doo-dads" used were created by the UBER-talented digital Godess Mo Jackson. Thanks so much for those of you who already noticed! ( Robin and Jen...thanks bunches!)

Work last night was decent. Again we are at full census of patients, but oddly with the full amount of staff. I dunno how that snafu happened. I was saddened to hear that one of my good friends and one outstanding nurse, Donna, will be leaving us in two weeks for another job that fits with her growing family's life. We will all miss her terribly. I hope she finds a place that appreciates how wonderful she is and one where she will be happy.

One of the funnier things that happened last night, was my patient, a gentleman in quite a lot of pain due to several fractures awoke in the middle of the night a bit confused. I am sure is was due the combination of IV pain killers I was giving him and the strange room he found himself in at 2am. He attempted to get out of bed alone,which would have been bad with all the wiring he was attached to, and my friend Lisa and I found him dangling his legs over the side rails after his bed alarm sounded. He very easily re-oriented and we got him back into bed and situated. He looked at my friend Lisa and said "are you watching the dogs? Do you like dogs?" She looked at me in a way that says "this man is still confused"

"ummm...what dogs, honey?" she asked.

"the ones on the tv right now." As he pointed to the Animal Planet dog show being replayed above our heads on his TV.

Even the patient had to laugh. "You thought I was loopy, right?"

That little guy cracked me up.

Other pieces of this and that...

I watched the movie Waitress the other morning and I highly recommend it. I will not give away too many details about it, but I will say that I watched the end, where she is handed her baby for the first time...twice. MOST EXCELLENT.

I also re-watched The Patriot. I think I forgot how brutal and violent that movie was..sheesh. It made me have a nightmare. But another outstanding movie. I do know I will miss Heath Ledger. I always liked him and the movies he chose to work on. That movie makes me cry at several points EVERY TIME. I am a wussy girl. I embrace this. Interesting fact, Harrison Ford was offered the role that Mel Gibson played in the movie, but he turned it down.
Side note: how much would it have sucked to be the guy who played the fife in the battles. it is lame FIFE and you are gonna get killed, you have NO gun. At least the guy with the flag didn't have to remember music and keep time. War is dumb. Especially if you are a fife player.

Eh, so that is a bit for now, I feel myself slipping into the insomnia state again. Blech. I must try and force a little sleep on myself. I wish one day, that I will not think so much about sleeping or my lack thereof. It is a terrible thing to suffer something that comes to easily to so may other people. But I have NEVER been a good sleeper. Just how it goes. It could ALWAYS be worse. Right?

Of course right.


Jennifer said...

Ok, that was a funny patient story. Hope you got some sleep last night babe.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the new banner right away, just forgot to mention it in my last comment! I love the new nurse doos over at Mo's. I worked all day yesterday on a new avatar for Valentines. Couldn't quite get the face right like the rest of you gals do, but it'll do. Anyhoo, I love the patient story. You guys should write a book. I have to admit, when my brother was in ICU, it was eerily quiet the entire week. I'm sure the nurses appreciated that. Sure hope you can get some sleep but with your schedule and kids, I honestly don't know how you do it. I'm the opposite, I sleep too much. I think I'm addicted to sleep. Anyhoo . . .(Rosemary, again)