Tuesday, February 12, 2008

When "I will punch you in the face" really means "I love you, mom"

Today was a busy one on the appointment calendar. All three boys had dentist visits today. Josh began his long road with orthodontal torture and Zach needs all 4 wisdom teeth out. I was highly stressed about taking Sammy. He has the reputation of being difficult and INCREDIBLY stubborn, but he was a rock star. He followed every instruction perfectly. The hygienist just loved him. His biggest problem with the experience was not talking long enough for them to clean his teeth. I wonder where he gets that trait? Hmmmm... Oddly, he only began to cry when we had to leave. A weird thing for the office staff to hear a kid screaming " don't take me! I wanna stay here!" He is a strange ranger.

In the midst of all of our travels today, it began to snow. It does that in Buffalo. I think there was some "Winter Storm Warning" thing, but really, I don't pay much attention to that kinda stuff. You live here, you have things to get done, you learn to drive in it and deal. I think this is my 18th winter of driving in this crap, and it still blows every time. It took us quite a while to make out stop at the vision center. The snow is steadily falling. By our last stop it was quite the storm. After we loaded the car up and even though we had been in the store only 2o mins, the car was completely covered. I got the brush out to clean off the car when Zach returned from returning the cart and told me he would finish cleaning off the car.

"Nah, Zach, I got it. Get in the car"

"Mom, if you don't give me that brush I am gonna punch you in the face!"

That made me smile. Cuz he loves me. He takes care of me. Maybe we don't talk to each other like every other household, but we do understand each other.

We took our time and got home safely. My children are praying for a snow day, with Josh flushing ice cubes down the toilet for the kind favor of the SNOW DAY gods. What moron told my kid this insanity?

I kinda hope they have off too. I love when they are home with me, so much I could punch them in the face. All of them.


Jennifer said...

LMAO. I love your blog, I really really do.

robinbird said...

god girl you make me laugh and shake my head all at the same time :) i figure if i keep reading your blog i will beign to know what is coming from the titles.. no need to call the ambulance or protective services ;)

dadto5 said...

Wait, your kids get snow days? We grew up in that district. I did at least K-12 and had 5 days off for snow.

Down here we get off when it's to cold. At least 7 days/year