Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You lika DVDs??

Onward into our NYC adventures! Our first full day found us at ABC studios and sneaking in some pictures of Josh on the People's Court set. Since the crew was all around we could not take pictures the way I would have liked but Rohit got a few shots in for me on his iPhone. God bless technology!

And then onward to Chinatown. Home of fish markets and whispers of bootleg movies. Since bootlegs are illegal..they are not out in the open to buy, but as you walk through the crowds you hear " you lika DVD movie??" and a person is willing to wisk you away to a dark corner to show you what they are offering. Me??? Noooooo..nope, never...uh uh. Okay..but the ones I bought sucked. Okay? Happy??

Crappy, cheap fans and out-dated Chinese New Year stuff, anyone??

Rohit had been limping along all day with us, I think suffering from some food poisoning from the Thai resturant the night before. I felt badly dragging him in and out of cabs and up and down Chinatown all day...he was a real tropper.

Chinatown is starting to encroach Little Italy. They make for interesting bed fellows. We ate in Little Italy. Well, Josh and I did..Rohit spent most of it in the bathroom. Classy.

I am not sure you are suppose to eat a meatball the size of your head.

My kid and my ailing Gay.

I know, I know...way too sexy a picture. I don't know what I was thinking.

Rohit stopped into see a Chinese herbalist who gave him some herbs to cure puking and such. And me with my deaf ears had to translate between the Chinese man and the Indian. Talking every day to doctors from every land has helped me hone that skill. And as typically happens, the man thought we were a family. Yeah that olive skinned Indian made the whitest kid in America! Please now. Not only does that give me the heebee geebees but honestly that is hilarious!

We got back to the hotel to settle in for the night, let Rohit go home to rest ( or puke) and Josh and I just enjoyed our king size bed before collapsing for the next 9 hours. Isn't my kid flippin' adorable??


robinbird said...

you are both adorable :) you better hope the DVD police or the TV show police aren't watching your blog... it all looks so...well...new york or something. what's with the birds hanging out in the open?

robinbird said...

he he he... i just noticed the head sized meat ball!