Friday, April 18, 2008

By request: For Robin!

So my online buddy Robin had asked for a picture of my birthday cake and I was wondering what I was going to do about that, as I had not actually had or eaten any birthday cake this year. *GASP*

I know, I know. When we ate out at the restaurant for our birthdays I didn't take any pictures, which for me is just plain INSANE. However: 1. I didn't wanna feel all queer taking pictures in a quiet little restaurant and 2. mary has a very strict "no pictures" policy. And as I have said before, I am a delicate peach. I just can't risk the bruising.

But, I did lay the ground work for a cake at work last week. One of our respiratory therapists, Frank just loves me to pieces. I mean, who can blame him. And last Wednesday at work I threw out that random "Oh, I will not be working this weekend, it is the celebration of my birth" thing in front of Frank. My friend and fellow nurse Becky elbowed me and batted her eyes saying "Oh Frank...I will be celebrating a special occasion this weekend. REAL smooth, Heidi!"

And you know what? it worked. So there. Frank came bearing cake. YAY! So sweet!

A thanks to Frank, for making a girl feel loved, even if she is an old hag.


Sue V said...

How cute is Frank. I love that guy! Did he make that himself??

robin bird said...

what a beauteous photo of heidi the nohag! i love it when people listen to me!
happy birthday again my dear goofy girl :)

robin bird said...

p.s. have i ever mentioned how much i enjoy my name being mentioned on the internet? a girl could become famous blogger, chef, avalon gardener and zippy owner with all this attention!

Jennifer said...

Your cake looks soooo delicious. Happpy Birthday!