Friday, April 4, 2008

Once more, with feeling

So our family has a flair for the dramatic, it is true. There is lots of singing made up songs, there is the occasional mock-beating of a child with the chanting "push your head into the couch, push your head into the couch", there is me acting all calm and then suddenly yelling to scare the crap out of a child and there is the big dramatic death scene too.

Often I splay out on the couch and when I am found by a child, I am laying there, my mouth open, eyes closed...raspy breaths. Of course I need dramatic saving...kisses, begging, shaking, "i love yous" over and over. Miraculously I am back to life, saved like Sleeping Beauty. Yup. Just like.

So we as I said, we play this game a lot. Or I do. But whatever.

Today I was in my bedroom, sitting in my computer chair and I heard Sammy coming around the corner. It was my chance. I close my eyes, let my head flop back and played dead.

Sammy looks at me calmly and says " I thought you only died on the couch" AND THEN HE WALKED AWAY!!!!!

Damn kids! You can't improvise with them for anything.


Jennifer said...

LOL...I have to meet that boy!

Robin L said...

Oh my gosh lol!

robin-bird said...

oh whoa! i saw that "robin" had a made a comment on this post and thought to myself.. "oh my memory is really a mess...i don't remember reading this before..." and then i did remember you have another robin i your life. phew. i love how you an tell a simple little family story and let us hold the ball until the the next one. they are 100% great! i keep coming back dear because it is all so 'you' and so real.