Thursday, April 17, 2008

To share the love of Ed.

So I have this friend. A very dear, close friend, named Jen. And she is all pouty because I have yet to write about her at length. Well buckle up, Jen. It is time for the Ed story.

Jen and I have been friends since high school. I was new to the school as a freshman, coming from a class size of 20 to the incoming freshman class of about 250. Really never in my life have I been called "shy". I do not suffer from "social anxiety disorder" by any means, but this situation was kinda messing up my world. Jen was kind to me right off the bat in Girls' Chorus. She laughed (still does ) at my stupid jokes. She makes me feel special to this very day and I really thank her for it, because at that time in my life, very few others were kind to me. We have been friends since then, which I can't say for more than a VERY few of my high school friends.

So needless to say, I was over at Jen's house a bit in the high school years. I really love her whole family...she has three sister and wonderful parents. I always had a joking, ridiculous flirting thing with her father, Mr. Evans. Disclaimer: TOTALLY in fun and joking, so that Adam or Mrs. Evan's don't want to beat me about the head and shoulders. I am a peach, I bruise. I could seriously injure myself getting out of my car or pouring a glass of milk.

One day my Mr. Evans happened to be wearing a belt buckle that had a big "E" on it and I jokingly asked him what that stood for, knowing full well it was for his last name. He said, exasperated "it is for ED, Heidi, sheesh!" Rolling his eyes at me, as his so often did.

That was it. He was and will always Ed. It was our "thing". Jen still calls him Ed when talking to me..and it is 20 years ( GASP!) later.

Now, enter into the picture the HOMEWRECKER! Jen's sister Laura has a best friend that also "flirted" with MY ED. hmph! the nerve! And the Jen's sister HAD to get pregnant and have a baby shower. And the homewrecker, Sue jetted off to Virginia for the shower. And she got to see my ED. Here is a picture of her all over him. BLECH!

Look at her! She is SHAMELESS! The hussy.

So in the course of their visit, Jen finds out that Sue works at the same hospital I do...she is a nurse too. Hmmmmm....

So I finally tracked this chicky down at work last night and I told her that we really needed to met up and settle this, once and for all. It was so adorable that she thought she was my rival. Like she is any completion. PU-LEASE!

Things started out hostile:

But we talked it out and decided there is enough of Ed to share. And we send him our love. Blowing him kisses from way up north.

And for the record: Sue is awesome. She is hilarious. And she has EXCELLENT choice in men! ;-)

And! God bless Mrs. Evans for putting up with Ed and our shenanigans! She rocks!


Jennifer said...

ok, LOL, first let me get my composure and state...

I was not pouting!!!!!

The things you said about me though, were very sweet, thanks. You know how much I love you.

Now, for my Dad. What can I possibly say to this??? All I know is that you have made my Mom's life unbearable; Ed is impossible to live with when you and Suzie start. But, I am sure he would say, he has very fond feelings for the two of you as well.

Max said...

Uncle Max loves your blog...evem with one good eye! Keep it up!

robin bird said...

you are fabulous at drawing your loyal readers and friends into your blog as well as your real world my dear. i feel like i totally know and love mr. ed already :)