Monday, April 28, 2008

What is the What?

So I have a bad blogger again. I am gonna play a little catch-up.

1. I registered Sammy for school. I handed in all the requisite paperwork, which let me tell you, is DUMB. There was a packet of info that need to be filled out, and while I acknowledge the need for physicals and such, some of the paperwork is redundant. They must have asked me on five forms what language we speak at home. Wouldn't one time be enough for me to tell them that we only grunt and point when needed? So anyway, I handed in my forms, my tax bill ( to prove I live in the district, even though my other child was on the wall as the current "Terrific Kid" of the month and my oldest has also been through the school), immunization forms, language assistance forms, school policy forms, a copy of our family tree, a tin can and a roll of pennies. Lord. Okay the last few were an exaggeration slightly. And then I walked quickly to my car and cried. Not a huge sobbing cry, but a "my heart is going to break a little" way. My baby.

I asked him if he was excited about school. Josh and Zach were so ready to go. Sammy said "so this school thing, ummm...I will have to be away from you ALL day. That doesn't sound like a good deal" I agree. That deal sounds like POOP!


2. Work has been a mixed bag of horrible and not bad enough to kill yourself. I did get an old man to say "hey there nursey...I like your touch" and that is just gross and kinda nice at the same time. I have picked up some of my "normal" day shifts and I am realizing I am old and my body craves a normal schedule. I think day shift might be where I end up for a while. My neck is still out of whack from some of our larger and not so cooperative patients. I maybe having an affair with my neck massage pillow. It might be a three way with me, the neck pillow and my heating pad. You balance that with taking just enough Motrin so you don't puke up blood and I can just about move my neck in every direction. That is all I ask. I am a girl with simple needs.

3. I got my birthday/mother's day gift and I LOVE IT! I got a necklace with my boys on it.

I got it here:

4. I am attempting to finish up some new photo layouts for our living room. We are going to paint and we need some updating. Here are the fruits of my labor...well a few of them anyway.
The Adirondacks:

Monument Valley, Utah


Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

Ack, so many more layouts to finish up, but at the moment I am tired and I should get myself to bed.

smooches to all....

maybe more tomorrow!


robin bird said...

i love the idea that you have family pages to put up in your living room! that is a great idea that i have never done!
i also feel for you letting your little sammy go off and join the big kids at school :( It is so sweet that he will miss you and of course you him.
and the work thing...i don't know how you have stayed back from the precipice as long as you with that schedule of nights. that is enough to push most people over the edge and since you are already pretty close to the drop off.......
better get on that day shift girl.

Jennifer said...

*hugs* Heidi. I am not looking forward to my last going to school either. What Sammy said to you broke *my* heart, so I can only imagine what he did to you.

LOVE the layouts, as always.

I miss chatting with you. :(